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Photographer Sadie Price is known for
her thick skin and infallible
instincts.  A lofty education has
made her skilled in her craft, and a
fear of poverty--and love for
Louboutin--has made her one of the
East Coast's most savvy paparazzi.  
She keeps her exhilarating but
sometimes hectic life manageable by
staying on the right side of the
razor-thin line between celebrity
photographers and the stalkerazzi.  
But all that changes when Sadie locks
horns with one of Hollywood's hottest
Something about Ethan Wyatt's charisma and startling good
looks throws Sadie off her game.  Something about Sadie's
dogged determination--and a very compromising picture she
snaps--throws Ethan off his.  Hatching a scheme befitting
the silver screen that made him famous, Ethan sets out to
give Sadie a taste of her own medicine.  And when her
life becomes as frenzied as the "It Girls" she follows,
Sadie begins to see her career, her love life, and Ethan
Wyatt in ways she never has before.
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When she moved to New York, Ryan Hadley imagined living
the big-city-sitcom kind of life with all the trimmings.
Of course, her real life is only so-so: not outstanding,
nor bad enough to require medication.  Ryan spends her
days at a dreary data-entry job with wannabe-rocker Will,
and nights at her favorite dive bar with pals Audrey and
Veronica.  Everything is just okay.
But two promotions and a record deal later, Ryan's three
closest friends are suddenly moving on up while Ryan
seems to be treading water.  Then Charlie, her gorgeous
college ex, appears out of the blue with a success story
of his own and more than a little baggage in tow.
credit card and a year's supply of squashed Ho-Ho's without learning a few
important life lessons.  She's ready to squeeze a five-year-plan for
success into just a few crazy months.  She's finally ready to take on the
big city and her big dreams.
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Libby Street's short story "The Luckiest People" is featured
in this fun New Year's Eve anthology.
Ever wakeup with a naked movie star in your bed?  Well, Ruby
Walters has--and she can't remember his name.
Before the embarrassing, but inevitable, awakening of
the mysterious stranger, Ruby must put together the hazy
puzzle of her New Year's Eve. She bravely battles champagne-
induced amnesia, guilt, and shame to come to terms with her
impetuous behavior--and deduce the identity of her handsome
Sometimes wild and wonderful things only happen to the
luckiest people.
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