Writer's Guide
Shortly after we signed the deal to publish Happiness
Sold Separately
, our editor came to us with an exciting
opportunity.  She offered to include an original Libby
Street short story in the New Year's Eve-themed anthology
In One Year and Out the Other.  

At the time we were busy working on the pre-publication
rewrites of
Happiness Sold Separately, and pounding the
Accidental It Girl outline into a real story.  Oh, and
neither of us had ever written a short story before.  So,
of course our immediate response was, "Yes!"  

We quickly set about coming up with a story and the
result was at least ten completely lame ideas.  Then I
remembered a short film script that I had written for an
undergrad screenwriting class some five
years earlier.  Miraculously, the short
film seemed like just the right thing
to turn into a fun New Year's
Eve-themed story.

The one act short script got a healthy
dose of backstory and characterization
and we were off to the races.  The
result, "The Luckiest People", was
written after
Happiness Sold
, but became our first
published work as Libby Street.  
I wrote this short film many years ago
for an undergraduate screenwriting
class while in college at Ohio
University.  In the interest of full
disclosure, I should mention that I
don't remember exactly which class it
was.  And, in the interest of your own
enjoyment, I should mention that I
don't remember the grade I received on
it either.

Unlike "The Luckiest People" the short
wasn't set on New Year's Eve, and it
focused solely on the "morning after"
so it doesn't include all the details
about Ruby and her mysterious
bedmate's romantic first meeting.  In
some ways it's a very different story than the one that appeared in In One Year and
Out the Other
, because without the backstory the reader is left to pass judgement on
Ruby (or in this case "Ramona") in a much different way than in the short story.       
                                                                               -- Emily
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