Writer's Guide
Also known as Sarah Bushweller and Emily S. Morris.  
They met in Dover, Delaware at the age of fo
ur and
have been best friends ever since.  They
writing together some twenty years later via email and
phone--just trying to make each other laugh.
Since their first two novels were published Sarah and
Emily have worked to expand their literary horizons.  
Emily wrote the film version of Accidental It Girl,
and they collaborated on the pilot script for a
television series based on Happiness Sold Separately
entitled "The Future Life of Ryan Hadley".  While
these projects have garnered some interest from the
peeps in H-wood (you, know that's how they refer to
themselves) neither has been produced...yet.
In addition to the time they've spent screenwriting,
both Sarah and Emily keep busy caring for their
growing families.  Emily is also hard at work on a
solo novel, and the two have plans for more joint
writing projects in the near future.
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