Writer's Guide
Blogging is now as ubiquitous in American culture as the
Little Black Dress.  Every girl has at least one in her
closet, and maybe two or three that she's grown out of.

Sarah and I would love to be the sort of multitaskers
capable of running a home, raising kids, writing novels,
and charting every whimsical thought in an hilarious,
infectiously readable blog but, sadly, neither of us is
that girl.

So, the entries you'll find listed below don't exactly
fit the definition of a traditional blog.  You won't
find us updating them daily...or even monthly.  You
probably shouldn't bother checking back regularly for
new, fantastic blurbs.

But sometimes we get the fleeting whim to write about
something that isn't a novel or a screenplay and when we
do we'll put it here.    
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